NO MORE EXCUSES has many years of experience helping people just like you achieve their health and weight loss goals.

Our 14-week weight loss plan is like no other and we are confident that with your commitment and our knowledge and passion, it WILL change your life. WE'RE READY WHEN YOU ARE!

I can wholeheartedly endorse the plan for weight loss. The concept is simple and safe. I have told my patients who need help with weight management, with no reservations, that this plan could help them.
— Dr. Carmen Gingles, MD CCFP

The YES YOU CAN Weight Loss Plan has been built on three foundations for success: We know that the most important component to proper long-term weight loss is mental well-being and that's why our behaviour modules, developed by a registered Psychologist, will be crucial to your success.

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  • to yourself by journaling consistently and accurately;

  • to your plan by full participation with your personal coach, classes, meetings and modules.

 Mental Well-Being:

  • behaviour modules based on Cognitive and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, creating positive lifestyle changes.

 Physical Well-Being:

  • conscious attempt to increase daily movement, example: taking stairs instead of elevator;

  • commitment of 45 minutes to 1 hour of purposeful movement min. twice weekly by elevating your heart rate, placing demands on your muscles.

With Your Plan You Receive:

  • orientation with your personal Coach and your community to get you all set up to begin your journey; this includes measurements, goal setting, pictures and information sharing;

  • your own binder, with journaling sheets, strategies for success, recipes and handy links;

  • two online behaviour modules with weekly activities to complete; each module runs for 5 consecutive weeks. Our registered Psychologist will guide you through an educational process to learn techniques and strategies for positive behaviour change. The module will draw upon a number of behaviour therapies including CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) and DBT (dialectial behaviour therapy).

  • scheduled module review meetings to gather with your community and your personal Coach to share your thoughts and insights;

  • ongoing support and accountability from your personal Coach and the NME team;

  • newsletters containing delicious recipes and support to keep you motivated;

  • access to our Facebook private community page for even more support, camaraderie and tons of inspiration;

  • live information sessions on Facebook every few weeks with guest speakers;

  • gifts to remind you of your journey and a wrap up celebration of all your successes!


Earn Credits for a Refund

Yes, you read that right! We so want you to succeed and one of the best ways to do that is with your full participation in the plan. We’re offering you the opportunity to receive a $100 refund on the cost of your plan by earning credits relating to the three foundations for success.

Earn at least 50 credits within the first 7 weeks of your plan and you will receive a $50 refund! The plan will then reset for the final 7 weeks, giving you another opportunity to earn the 50 credits for an additional $50 refund.

To learn more about how to earn your credits, visit our FAQ page.


Incentive to Get Moving

Knowing how crucial purposeful movement is to your success, you will have the opportunity to enroll into one of our YES YOU CAN fitness classes for 6 weeks as part of your plan. Or, receive a $75 credit towards any fitness class you choose to take at our studio during one of our quarterly studio sessions.

Our YES YOU CAN fitness classes are designed, not only for our plus size clients, but also for those who are starting out on their fitness journey. We offer these classes several times a week to help accommodate everyone's schedule.


Cost for the 14-week plan is $375.00 or 3 instalments of $125.00.


Please visit our FAQ page and Contact Us anytime for more information.