Try one of the best POUND® fitness and Zumba® experiences around for children of all ages - and even grown-ups too! 

Student Classes (Single Visit)

  • $125/30 minutes
  • $175/ 45 min to 1-hour 
  • $225/1.5 hours total 

Student Classes (Multiple Visit)

  • 1-4 visits, $175 per 1-hour class  
  • 5-8 visits, $170 per 1-hour class         
  • 9+ visits, $165 per class with a sustainable program provided after.
  • Half day $450, Full day $700

Artist in Residence - customized for your school          

  • 1 week - $2700                                                            
  • 2 weeks - $5000    
Fitness is for everybody and every body! Our POUND class has at least a half a dozen students with a variety of profound special needs… but you would never know it from the way they moved in unison! Not only did we expand their definition of fitness, but the class rapidly became an inclusive community in which ALL students could succeed.
— Nicole Lafieniere, Principal of H.E. Beriault Junior High School
We loved the Zumba residency that Cheryl Schneider planned, organized and implemented at St. Kateri Catholic School! Students were excited and eager to attend all of the sessions. It is a real testament to the work that NME is doing when our students share their Zumba moves with siblings and parents. Huge accolades to Cheryl for empowering our students, staff and parents!
— Melanie Mazurek, Principal of St. Kateri Catholic School

Here are  just some of the schools that we have been invited into, to do POUND® and Zumba® - the NO MORE EXCUSES way. Over 140 schools to-date in less than 3 years.  We are super busy for good reason, find out why. 

A. Blair McPherson School, Abbott School, Afton ASC, Aldergrove School, Annunciation Elementary School,  Avonmore School, Belgravia School, Belmead School, Bertha Kennedy School, Bishop Greschuk School, Bisset School, Braemar School, Brightview School, Brookside School, Campbell Town School, Crawford Plains School, Daly Grove School, Delton School, Dickinsfield School, Duggan School, Earl Buxton School, Ecole Bishop Savaryn School, Ekota School, Elmwood School, Florence Hallock School, George H. Luck School, George Nicolson School, Glendale School, Good Sherpard School, Graminia School, Grandin ASC, Grandin School, Grandview School, Hazeldean School, Holy Family - 100 voices, Homesteader School, Horsehill School, Johnny Bright School, Kameyosek School, King Edward School, Londondery Junior High School, Malcolm Tweedle School, McLeod School, McNally High School, Menisa School, Meyonohk School, Michael Strembitsky School, Mount Royal School, Norwood School, Our Lady of Peace, Pollard Meadows School, Prince Charles School, Princeton School, R.J. Scott School, Rundle School, Sakaw School, Scott Robertson School, St. Basil School, St. Benedict School, St. Boniface School, St. Clements School, St. Dominic School, St. Gerard School, St. James School, St. Jerome School, St. Justin Catholic School, St. Kateri School, St. Martin Elementary School, St. Monica School, St. Richard School, St. Theresa School, Sweet Grass School, Velma Baker School, Westbrook School, Westglen School, Windsor Park School, Youngtown School