Frequently Asked Questions

 Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions!  We hope this is helpful - but if you still have questions, please feel free to contact us anytime. 


How do I register for class?

To register for a class send an email to tell us what class(es) you would like.  Registration is on a per session basis for a certain number of weeks (for example, the 2017 Spring Session is 12 weeks but you may join us any time during our session).  When you register for a class, you are reserved a spot and are committing to that class for the number of  weeks that are left.  We do not have a membership fee or a contract for you to sign.

What happens when I have to miss a class?

If you know you will have to miss a class one week, you would email us at and let us know.  We will mark you away on that date.  You are welcome to make up that class on another day within the session.  Again, you would email us to ask if there is room in the class you would like to attend as a make up.  As long as there is room, you can attend!

What are the PAR-Q / Waiver forms?

Each new member is required to fill out our standard waiver form and PAR-Q questionnaire prior to attending class.  The PAR-Q form is valid for one year, after which a new one will be required.

Can I Drop-in to class?

If you would like to drop-in to a class that you are not registered for, email us to see if there is room in that particular class on that particular date.  If there is, we will reserve you a spot in that class.  You will be sent an invoice for the drop-in fee.

What about Payments?

When you register for a class / classes, you will be emailed an invoice based on the number of classes you are attending each week for that session.  You may pay the invoice via PayPal, Interac e-Transfer, cheque or cash.  We do allow monthly payments in three equal installments. 

Can you tell me more about your Family Rate?

All members of a family living in the same house qualify for our Family Rate.  If your family members are all taking classes, we would combine the total number of classes per week taken by everyone and bill you at that rate.  For example Mom takes 2 classes / week, Dad takes 1 class / week and daughter takes 1 class / week for a total of 4 classes / week for the family.  You would be billed at a rate of $8 / class x 4 classes each week (total of $32) instead of billing Mom at $14 per class for 2 classes, Dad at $16 per class and daughter at $16 per class (total of $56).  This applies up to a maximum of 6 classes total for the family per week. 

How do I use my Groupon? 

The spirit of Groupon is to introduce new people to our studio in hopes that they want to continue with us and register for our classes.  It is meant to give people a chance to try different classes and see which classes speak to them, so they can make a decision on which class they would like to carry on with. It is for new members only.  To use it, you would email us to ask if there was space in a particular class that week.  If there was, we would reserve you a spot in that class for that day.  It is always based on availability.  Groupon may not be used to register for a session.