At NO MORE EXCUSES we believe that everyone can participate in group fitness, but we know that the fear of walking into a gym can hold many people back.

We designed this 6 week plus-size group fitness workshop to introduce you to the variety of exercises we offer.  Our trained professionals will support you every step of the way and show you that YES YOU CAN!!! 

Let's laugh, learn and get stronger together!


In the 6 week rotation you will get to try Kickboxing, Strength, Cardio Party, POUND, TRX/Cardio Conditioning, Tabata Bootcamp and Bootcamp Circuit Training. 

Introductory price of $75 for 6 weeks

Workshops are ongoing, you can join us at anytime in the rotation.  

One hour workshops are Saturdays at 10:30am or 11:45am or Tuesdays at 7:30pm.


Gyms can be intimidating and very scary, or it was for me anyways. This class changed my life. The people are all in the same situation. We laugh, we cry but guess what WE CAN!! We learn that anything is possible, you just need to believe in yourself, and when you don’t, they are there to to pick you up until you feel strong enough again. This place is the most inclusive, kind caring place ever!! Just try it and you will feel it as soon as you walk in.
— Annette