Personal Training Sessions                                                        

  • 1-8 sessions $75.00 per session

  • 9-12 sessions $70.00 per session

  • 13+ sessions $65.00 per session

Small Group Training Sessions

  • $100 per session (maximum of 5 participants)


I was an overweight, out of shape, 56 year old who was terrified to set foot in an exercise class. I contacted NO MORE EXCUSES and I have never looked back. Who knew that I could lift weights, do squats and Kickbox. The biggest surprise is that I found out you can have fun and enjoy yourself while sweating.
— Brenda Grzech
I’m so glad that I made the decision to start training. I was nervous in the beginning but felt comfortable right from the start. The trainer’s contagious energy and enthusiasm really motivated me to jump right into my program. Using a patient, caring approach, she challenges me with a variety of activities every time we meet. With her assistance, encouragement and support, I’m increasing my confidence, ability and overall fitness. I always look forward to my workouts and how amazing I feel when I’m done.
— Angela Hutchison


Meet Your Trainers

Cheryl Schneider, is a fitness industry leader. She is the owner of NO MORE EXCUSES Inc. and has been a Personal Trainer for more than 11 years with many successful clients and heartwarming stories.  NO MORE EXCUSES was voted TOP Personal Training Team in Edmonton for the past several years by Edmonton Journal and Vue-Weekly. Her energy and "keep it real" attitude draw people towards her. Clients leave her sessions with pride, confidence and a renewed sense of strength.  


Natasha Guindon,  fitness is my passion! Personal training since 2010, I am a woman who is fiercely determined to help everyone feel comfortable in their own skin. Having gone through my own personal weight loss journey, I know first hand the struggles of making lifestyle changes. I am here to help you navigate the road to success. My clients have ranged from weekend warriors, to Mrs. Universe 2015, to bikini competitors, to MMA fighters. My fitness philosophy is simple and straight forward, believe it and achieve it!

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Francois Coetzer:  My fitness journey started at a young age when I was put into competitive swimming at the age of 11.  At first it was my parents way of keeping me out of trouble, but it grew into a passion when I started to coach little kids and sharing my knowledge.  As I became more experienced with coaching I realized the amount of knowledge available to me and I became hungry to learn more and grow professionally.  

Fast forward now to 23 years later and here I am working with and helping some amazing people reach their health and wellness goals, doing things they never thought possible and having a quality of life they can say they are proud of.  All my education and certifications have become decorations on my wall, my true achievements are my beautiful wife and son (plus a second coming soon).  If it wasn’t for my family I wouldn’t have the drive to be better and to grow.  It has also helped me understand the importance of balance in life and with that I hope I can inspire balance in the life of my clients as well.