Can anyone register for the plan?

Absolutely, anyone can join, even if you live out of town. 

When does it start?

September 2019.

If weight loss is not my goal, can I still join? 

Absolutely, our YES YOU CAN Weight Loss Plan focuses on managing behavior change. So whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or your weight is not an issue for you, this plan is certainly going to give you healthy strategies to achieve whatever goals you set out to accomplish.  

How do I register?

Click here and we'll get you all set up - it is that easy!!! 

Are fitness classes included in the plan cost?

Included in your plan is a $75 fitness credit that you can put towards either covering the cost of our YES YOU CAN fitness classes for 6 weeks, or towards your fitness class invoice.. 

Can I get a partial refund if I don't take fitness classes in your studio?

Unfortunately, no. HOWEVER, you can pay it forward and give your credit to someone you love. 

I am already taking fitness classes somewhere else or I exercise at home. Can I still join? 

Absolutely! Even though we think our studio community is pretty amazing and we were voted the best fitness company in Edmonton for 5 years in a row, we just want you moving and exercising, no matter where that is. 

How do I earn credits for the refund?

You can earn 1 credit per day (up to a maximum of 7 credits within a 1-week period), by completing a combination of the following:

  • being accountable to yourself, your plan and your Coach --- you can achieve this by completing your journal daily;

  • purposely moving your body at least twice per week and/or increasing daily movement (examples: parking further away, taking the stairs instead of elevator, increasing your steps, playing with kids, shopping).

  • Be mindful and apply what you are learning in your mental well-being modules daily.

You can also earn 6 credits for attending your modules review meetings - there will be two that you can attend overall.

What happens if I don't submit my journal and my weekly weigh-in numbers to my Coach on each Saturday? 

In the beginning we will contact to remind you and to try to keep you accountable to your plan. Remember you earn your credits based on accountability so if you do not submit your journal sheets along with your weigh in numbers by Sunday night you won't be able to earn your credits for that week.

What if I have special dietary needs like celiac or vegetarian restrictions, can the recipes be adapted?

The recipes provided are not designed around special diets, but they are easily adapted.