NME: Making a difference, changing lives


We wanted to share with you this heartwarming story that is just one example of how NO MORE EXCUSES INC and its leaders continue to make life changing impacts in our community. 

Over the past three months, Cheryl has been privileged to share her love for fitness and health with the children and educators at the Ben Calf Robe school. While there, she had the opportunity to connect with many children from a variety of backgrounds, all of whom have severe barriers of access to fitness programming. 

One young girl in particular stole her heart.  Despite a difficult childhood and past, her optimism and resiliency inspires those around her.  She took a particular liking to kickboxing. Her eyes would light up, like a child on Christmas day, every time she saw the big equipment bag being roll down the hallway towards the gym.  The first to show up and the last to leave, always lending a helpful hand, this warm-hearted girl leaves her instructor with a hug and the gentle words "please say thank you to everyone for me" every time. 

That fire within translated to a very real appreciation and skill for the sport. She caught on quickly to the moves and showed discipline and true passion in learning the techniques.  She fell in love with the feeling of empowerment and strength that is so appealing to kickboxing enthusiasts in our home studio and around the world. 

Despite the heart breaking drop out rate by grade nine, she never missed a class. Her passion for it was so inspiring that Cheryl was moved to ensure that she maintained access to the sport she loved in an ongoing way. Reaching out to her friends at the Kamikaze Punishment Foundation, a local MMA/Kickboxing gym in the young girl's neighborhood, it was decided that a partnership would be developed to sponsor her as a young training athlete. She will be provided with equipment and top notch training from some of Edmonton's finest fighters. 

Upon learning this news, tears of gratitude from girl, and from her school community were the clear indication of what a formidable difference this type of program and investment can make.  

Sometimes, all you need in life is one break. Here's hoping that this one will be the one that truly makes a difference for her. 

*NB: All photos have been used with permission.