Weight Loss Consultant: Melanie

Melanie's warm personality and her amazing ability to extend support, friendship and celebration to those around her made her stand out during her own personal challenges as someone who has a lot to offer our amazing community! We are thrilled that she has accepted to join our team as a Weight Loss Consultant! 

Melanie's first real involvement with NO MORE EXCUSES INC. started a few years ago when Cheryl sent out a plea for Zumba instructors to volunteer with the Boys and Girls Club/Big Brothers Big Sisters Edmonton. An avid supporter of non-profit and community organizations, Melanie was eager to get involved and began instructing on Thursday afternoons for almost two years before having to leave the program due to work constraints. During that time, she also worked under the NO MORE EXCUSES INC. banner teaching Zumba at the Winnifred Stewart Society, and it was during this period that her admiration for the NO MORE EXCUSES INC. community the work that they were doing. 


Following a serious injury, Melanie found herself strongly considering where she should turn to help get her fitness level back to where it had once been. She remembered her friend Cheryl, and the positive experience she had had as an instructor and decided to take the leap in joining both the weight loss program and attending classes. As a fitness instructor, it was difficult to admit to herself that she needed support to reach her goals, but this experience solidified in her a humility and understanding that every person has their own journeys and struggles and that no one can succeed entirely on their own.  Being able to bring this humility and non-judgemental approach to fitness is definitely a trait that has resonated strongly within the entire community. 

Melanie experienced exceptional success through her experience with the Weight Loss Challenge, and was most surprised by the number of "Ah Ha!" moments she experienced during the FB live question and answer periods. She learned so much from her fellow challengers that was applicable to her own situation and truly felt a sense of kinship and community with the other participants. 

As seen from her volunteer activities with fitness, and also with her work as a Board Member for the Rock And Roll Society of Edmonton, Melanie is always eager to give of herself to others. She says "I have a strong belief in living a life of service and giving back. When I was approached to become a consultant it was a “no brainer” for me.  I have gained so much from NME that I needed to pay it forward.  I am so excited to see other’s journeys to success. Weight loss is all of our goals when we start this but from my own experience, it’s not the most profound change that happens.  I literally get butterflies in my stomach when I think about how this will change people’s lives and that I can be part of that!"

While most of her activities take place on land, Melanie is possibly part mermaid. She is drawn to water- so much so that when she is out on a boat, she has to resist the urge to jump in! She also hates cooking, so has developed some mad meal prepping skills and tricks which she is eager to share with her clients. 


While her favourite healthy snack is fruit due to its grab-and-go nature, her true pleasure is a nice cold beer!

When not at the studio or at work, Melanie loves listening to live music, going to the beach and boating in the summer, snowboarding in the winter, gardening and hanging out with her husband and cats watching Netflix! 

Welcome to the team, Melanie! We are so excited to have you on-board (but please don't jump off the boat! ;))