Weight Loss Consultant Profile: Shahneen

A standing member of our small but mighty 930am crew, Shahneen is known in her classes for her sharp wit and sarcastic sense of humour. But she is also know as one of the most supportive and encouraging members of our community, always ready to lend a hand and to give a high five to congratulate others on their success. We are extremely excited to have her join our team as a Weight Loss Consultant!

Shahneen 2.jpg

When Shahneen learned that her friend Marsha had partnered to open a fitness studio in Ottewell, it didn't take very long for her to decide to check out the community for herself. In September 2016, she signed herself up for classes, determined to challenge herself to live a healthier and more active lifestyle.  The following January, she decided to really challenge herself by taking on the Weight Loss Challenge and, after two consecutive journeys with it, amazed herself by changing not only her body but her entire approach to health and wellness. 

Through the challenge, and her participation in classes, Shahneen learned that she was able to live a healthier life while still enjoying all the activities she loves. Eating mindfully and intentionally didn't have to be overwhelming. She was still able to cook the meals she loved for her family, eat out with friends and enjoy food in any setting- which is particularly important for her as the owner of Queen Of Cakes, a small catering/baking company. 

Shahneen's amazing results led her to further integrate herself into the program by becoming a Personal Champion in January 2018. She recognized that a large part of what made her journey so successful was the ability to share with others who truly related to her struggles and victories, could help answer questions and share ideas and feed back and, most importantly, could provide support in moments of difficulty and doubt. That sense of accountability and community is what created a lasting change for her and she was eager to share that with others.  She found the experience so enriching that she eagerly accepted the opportunity to grow even more by stepping into the role of Weight Loss Consultant. 

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As a WLC, Shahneen is most eager to help support and educate others about how to challenge themselves and try new things. She is deeply inspired by the journeys others have taken in our community, whether it be through managing their nutrition or trying a burpee for the first time.  She says "I have learned that it lifts me up to the success of others. Becoming a consultant allows me to lift others up while they are lifting me."

But don't be fooled by her sensitive side! Shahneen is a busy mom of two busy boys (ages 14 and 7) and has a no nonsense approach to life! Expect her to have a witty retort to most situations and to give the straight goods when they are needed.  She knows that sometimes the hardest things to do are the most important- after all, she used to hate working out (and still vivaciously complains through many of her classes.)!  

Expect the importance of exercise to be a central conversation with Shahneen, as she found that it was the combination that and proper nutrition that truly changed her life.  "Working out has made my body stronger" she says. "It has made my mind stronger, it has made my relationships with people stronger. It has made me stronger than my excuses."

We are extremely excited to see Shahneen step into this new role and further expand her growth in the health and wellness profession. Welcome, Shahneen!