One of the most popular fitness programs in history, and a staple for us at No More Excuses Inc., Zumba® is known around the world for taking the 'work' out of workout and for making fitness feel fun!

Zumba® is a cardiovascular focused program that combines elements of traditional hi/low aerobics classes with fun, flirty dance styling. The program is set to Latin and World rhythms, taking participants through an internationally inspired fitness experience. 

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Taught in studio by our certified Zumba® instructors, Zumba® provides a total body workout that is suitable for all fitness levels and combines multiple elements of fitness in order to deliver a fun, energetic, and seriously sweaty good time!

APPROPRIATE FOR: All fitness levels.

IMPACT LEVEL: A combination of high and low impact movements, with easy modifiers available to reduce impact levels as needed. 

BEST SUITED FOR: People who enjoy dance, and choreographed movement. 

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: None, though some people will use the lightly weighted Zumba® toning sticks during lower-intensity songs. 

QUICK TIPS: Remember that it can take a few classes to get to know the choreography and feel a flow with the music. It is always okay to take things at your own pace, even if it means going more slowly or changing movements to work with your body and your ability level. 

CHECK IT OUT: On Monday nights at 7:00pm with Rita