Nutrition Consultant Profile: Sherli-Ann

When you first meet Sherli-Ann, it doesn't take long to recognize in her the heart of a healer. Her gentle, mindful approach to life has led her to pursue a myriad of opportunities that allow her to share passion, love and kindness with others.  After many years of struggling with aggressive, harmful diets that harmed both her body and her minds, Sherli-Ann knew she had to turn away from strategies that were rooted in trying to achieve an unachievable standard of perfection. Instead, she turned her attention towards self-compassion and self-kindness and has learned to love herself just as she is, "perfectly imperfect". 

We could not be more grateful to have her as one of our nutrition consultants. This is her powerful story, in her own words. 


I have been, up until about two to three years ago buying into the belief that in order to be beautiful and "perfect" I had to conform to societies beliefs on what that looked like. I was hustling for my worthiness based on an ideal that had been fed to me since childhood. I hurt my one and only vessel that I had been given in so many ways and stopped listening to its intrinsic voice that told me that I was perfectly imperfect just as I am. 

 Sherli-Ann believes in approaching health from a wholistic, mind-body connection. 

Sherli-Ann believes in approaching health from a wholistic, mind-body connection. 

I underfed it, then I overfed it, then I purged the over abundance of food that I had eaten. All in the name of perfection and control or lack there of depending on the time of day. ;) I suffered from anxiety and at times just wanted off of the roller coaster. I did not want to die, but I did not want to keep going on the path that I was on, I just wanted it to stop. The funny thing is, is that most of those around me had no idea of the war that was going on inside my head every single day. I was pretty good at putting on my mask, as one would put on make-up and venture out into the world. On days that I was not feeling up to the challenge and still had to go out, I would  become more quiet and still not share my pain or struggle. It felt like a sign of weakness, proof that I was not as "perfect" as I ought to be. It felt like everyone else could get there sh*t together, except me.  I am fortunate to have an amazing husband and a few close friends, to help me on this journey of self love and discovery. I was also surrounded by people who were on similar trajectories that fed into the same belief story of not good enough. 

I believe that when you ask the universe or God (by whatever name you associate)....the people and books and Facebook posts will land right in your lap that you need to see and hear.  If at first you ignore the little nudges and the pats on the head...they will keep coming until you no longer can. I fell in love with Brene Brown and all of her teachings on worthiness, shame and vulnerability. I am now obsessed with self love and healing books and own quite the library! I started meditating instead of medicating with food. I found my inner guide that has been with me all along and started listening. 

This is my new path, and on it I hope to be the lighthouse to those that are struggling with worthiness. I hope to be the little bee in their ear that tells them that your weight does not determine your worth. If I can help just one person on this journey believe that they are worth it, just as they are...that would be amazing.

So when you ask "Why NME, Why now?", this is my story. I want to help others with the emotional side of eating and this program allows for that. I hope to up my game and soon be one of the workshops where we can discuss the stress response and find a new tool to overcome it. My relationship with food now is so much better, and if we can help all of our challengers get to this place! What an achievement! 


Some fun facts about Sherli-Ann:

Her favorite low cal snack is dairy free white cheddar flavored Skinny Pop.

She meditates daily and have taken training to become a certified meditation instructor

In her spare time, you will find her hanging with her family(husband and three beautiful children) in the organized chaos we call life.

Her entire family is comprised of Disney Freaks...they have have gone almost every year to either Disney World or Disneyland, and- no- they do not get sick of it!

She loves all of the classes at NME,  and looks forward to the day that her knee gets strong enough for her so to check out more of the Cardio based classes. She says: "I love, love , love to dance!! Marsha has said to me that I make everything I do in TRX look like I am dancing ;)!!"

And her guilty pleasure is still chocolate...but now it is more costly since she has had to go dairy free.

Thank you, Sherli-Ann, for your beautiful spirit, your authenticity, your vulnerability and your powerful story! We are so fortunate to have you as a part of our nutrition program.