Nutrition Consultant Profile: Karissa

At NO MORE EXCUSES, we pride ourselves on having the most amazing and dedicated team of fitness and health professionals that we have ever seen. When we introduced our Nutrition Consultants to the Weight Loss Program last challenge, we hand picked women who encompassed both the values and the philosophy of our studio, who shared in our vision of a safe, evidence based, judgement and shame free health approach and- most importantly- had experienced their own journeys of physical, mental and emotional growth and healing. 

We are extremely proud to showcase these consultants and share their story with you!
First up, is our lovely Karissa. 


Known to most our studio members, Karissa's big heart, empathetic smile and gentle approach leave an impression with everyone she meets.  She joined both the gym and the challenge in 2016 when she reached the realization that she was no longer in a healthy enough place to full parent her children and enjoy a full quality of life.  She knew it was time to really rethink her wellness when, on a bike ride with her family, she found herself unable to complete the full distance and returned back to their trailer in tears. This summer, she proudly conquered that same course and now realizes that, with hard work and determination, she is capable of true feats of strength and power. 


A big part of Karissa's success came from the learning she made during her first Weight Loss Challenge- so much so that she continues to actively participate in the challenge as she works towards reaching even more goals and milestones. She loved the simplicity the challenge offered, as well as the no nonsense approach to food and energy intake. But mostly, the support she found in the Facebook and studio community were the difference makers in her journey, providing her the accountability, friendship and encouragement she needed to move forward. 

Her biggest learning was that it is okay to put her needs first; this does not make her selfish. It makes her better equipped to be the kind of parent, wife and human being she wants to be. Her advice to others in the program is simple:  Trust the math and TRACK TRACK TRACK! ;)

Karissa Tidbits:

Favourite Health Food:  Greek yogurt with honey, laughing cow cheese and apples, apple and PB2, popcorn

Favourite Pleasure Food: Cheesy dill popcorn at kernels, chips and salsa  

Favourite NME Class: Tabata boot camp Monday night  and Tabata trek on Saturday morning. I can do anything for 20 seconds and both classes push me to things I never thought I would be able to accomplish.

How she relaxes: I love to curl up with a good book and read at night when the house is all quiet. 

Fun Fact:  I hate winter and cant wait for the summer when I can spend my free time at our trailer at Green Acres at Pine Lake