Can anyone register for the challenge?

Absolutely, anyone can join even if you live out of town. We have challengers and clients join us from other provinces all the time.

The challenge has specific start dates, can I still join the program before then or after?

Absolutely, you can join our weight loss program anytime.  You would get the exact same support as the challengers, just not be eligible for the 50% incentive. 

How do I register?

Click here and we'll get you all set up - it is that easy!!! 

Are fitness classes included in the challenge cost?

Classes are not included in the price of the challenge/program, but we do have pop up free classes from time to time.

I am already taking fitness classes somewhere else or I exercise at home.  Can I still join? 

Absolutely!  Even though we think our studios are pretty special and we were voted the best fitness company in Edmonton 3 years in a row by Edmontonians, we just want you moving and exercising, no matter where that is. 

Can I join the challenge even if I don't want to participate in the 10% weight loss goal?

You bet!!!  We have clients join us for many reasons.  Whether it is weight loss goals or want better nutrition and health, you would receive the exact same support without the 10% focus or the 50% refund incentive.  

Does the YES YOU CAN Workshop count as exercise for the program?

You bet it is - in fact it's a great starter class with some pretty awesome members on the same journey you are on.

What happens if I miss a weekly weigh-in during the Challenge?

We will contact you a couple days after weigh in to remind you, but if you miss two weeks in a row, unfortunately, you are then disqualified from being eligible for the 50% incentive in our challenge. 

What happens if I lose more than 10% of my body weight within the 12 weeks during the Challenge?

No matter what weight you start at, we would really hope you would lose no more than 24 lbs, as this is a healthy weight loss rate.  All studies show more long-term success with a weight loss rate of 2lbs or less a week.  If you do lose a little more - you will not be disqualified. 

What if I weigh more than 240 lbs? Would I still need to lose 10%

No worries, you will only need to lose 24 lbs to qualify for the 50% back incentive.  2 lbs per week is a healthy weight loss rate for any size person.  We are all about long-term success.

What if I have special dietary needs like celiac or vegetarian, can the menu plans be adapted?

The menus are not designed around special diets, but they are easily adapted and we will give you the information you need to substitute carbohydrates or protein to your diet requirements.