In always striving towards providing the best for our members and keeping them as active and healthy as possible, NO MORE EXCUSES and HealthPointe have created a proactive support system. This partnership gives our members access to their clinic when needed. As well, we will be seeing their respected physiotherapists at our studio for complimentary movement assessments and workshops. They will also be offering guidance in our fitness classes and participating in our Facebook Live Chats to answer your questions and concerns.

A huge welcome to Tahisha, Matt, Carrie and the rest of the team at HealthPointe!


Injury Prevention Workshops

Our Certified Athletic Therapist Carrie Mussbacher, will be leading a two-part session on injury prevention.

Session 1: Injury Prevention for the lower back and knees - March 3rd 

Session 2:  Injury Prevention for the neck and shoulders - Mach 10th 

Come join us to learn how to become stronger without injury while executing movement more efficiently in classes and at home.  

Time: 3:00-4:00pm

Cost: $20 for 2 part ssession 


Contact us for more information or to register. 


At HealthPointe, our clinics offer complete health care services that cover a wide range of injuries and issues, including: