How Safe is our Recreational Centers?

Update:  August 2015,  The investigation and talks are continuing to address the safety concerns of our Recreation Centers in Edmonton.

A few months back I started an investigation on "How safe is our Recreational Centers?" after my son and his friends were involved in a terrible incident at one of our centers. What I found out, after many weeks of fact finding, using the Freedom of Information Act and with the help of EPS, was disturbing and needed to be addressed asap. Unfortunately though, I felt going forward was a conflict of interest given what I do for a living so I gave all the information to one of our City Councillors, Mike Nickel, and asked him to champion this for me.
I'm so pleased to find out that there is now a task force working on this issue and discussions are taking place to develop solutions between EPS, the City and local politicians. I must admit I had reservations that anything was going to get done.......and now I'm delightfully surprised and utterly impressed. Way to go Mike and City of Edmonton - a difference can be made, when we all work together in trying to keep our city safer for all of us!!!!!