A proven weight loss challenge with an added incentive of earning 50% back when you achieve your goal!!

We know the 4 keys to a successful weight loss program are Nutrition, Fitness, Support and Accountability. So here it is, everything you need. Let's do this together and make a difference with YOU!

Next challenge starts September 5-13


I can wholeheartedly endorse the program for weight loss provided by NO MORE EXCUSES. I have seen the results with multiple people. The concept is simple and safe. I have told my patients who need help with weight management, with no reservations, that this program could help them.
— Carmen Gingles MD CCFP

12 Week Results

Multiple Challenge Results

This program is the best thing that has ever happened to me to allow me to live my life to the fullest. I am now an active person, and the mom I’ve always wanted to be. I love the support and encouragement I received from this amazing community and how simple it is.....it’s all about the math!!! The NME Weight Loss Program is definitely a life changer!!
— Karissa



  • A 45 minute personal consultation, a convenient time will be booked during the registration process.
  • Setting you up for success! We will figure out your metabolic rate and establish a healthy caloric intake per day to achieve your healthy weight loss goal.  
  • We will do a private weigh in and take your measurements at either of our Ottewell studio or by video conference. 
  • A private before picture taken, so we can compare it with your after picture to see how far you have come.
Reach your goal. earn back 50% of the cost to join!  How great is that!

Reach your goal. earn back 50% of the cost to join!  How great is that!


  • To begin you will receive 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 10 dinners and snack ideas with recipes and calories calculated for you.
  • New meal plans will be given weekly throughout the program.


  • 3 two-hour seminars which you can attend at the Ottewell studio or watch online.  Led by our NO MORE EXCUSES team with our Mental Health Therapist and our Registered Dietitian on staff. 
  • Part of a private Facebook group to inspire and keep you on track with fellow participants.
  • Bi-weekly Facebook Live sessions to answer questions or discuss relevant topics.
  • Special memento from us to keep you mindful throughout your journey.
  • Ongoing support from the NO MORE EXCUSES team throughout the program, we are only an email, text, phone call or hug away.
  • Extra support with our Mental Health Therapist and Registered Dietitian is available at affortable rate.


  • The final key to successful, sustainable weight loss.  Part of this program is committing to exercise.  Whether it be here at our studios, at other places or working out at home, as part of your consultation we will make sure your exercise regime will help you to achieve your goal.
  • Throughout the challenge there will be FREE POP-UP classes for challenge members in our Ottewell studio. 


Based on great feedback from our precious challengers we are now offering TIER 2 challenge.  You will receive the same support as our challengers but you will have your very own "personal champion", who gives you extra guidance, support and mentoring when you need it. You will also receive:

  • Submitting weekly tracking sheet for review by the NO MORE EXCUSES team.
  • Halfway point measurements to keep you motivated.
  • Halfway point personal consultation with a team member to help you through the 12 weeks.

The 12 Week Challenge

The Challenge is to lose 10% of your body weight to a maximum of 24 lbs within 12 weeks, with all the support and tools given to you within the program. Weekly at home or studio weigh-ins are a must to keep you accountable. Pounds lost are sent to us privately through email or text. You must be working out at least once a week anywhere - even though we would love for you to come join us at our studios, we understand if you can't. You just need to move your body and sweat. 

The Cost

The cost of our NO MORE EXCUSES Weight Loss  12 week challenge program is $98 per month OR our Tier 2 challenge is $119 monthly.  This can be paid in full or split into 2 equal payments. After 12 weeks when you reach your goal, you will receive back 50% of the cost of the program - we kid you not!!!  We are hoping this money given back will go towards CELEBRATING YOU and what you have accomplished.  Bring a friend to the challenge/program and you receive 10% off. 


Any questions, please visit our FAQ or Contact Us anytime.